Building a house - the next stage of work

Michał Balicki Avatar by Michał Balicki
on July 30, 2023


In this post I would like to write about progress in building house. The situation has changed significantly in recent months. We managed to achive the shell without windows and doors/pre-lock-up(stan surowy otwarty in Polish) stage of the building. Partition walls inside the building are currently to be built. They should be bricked in the near future. Works that have been carried out since the beginning of the year include:

The only stage in which I participated was the preparation of the roof truss. In fact, I only had to impregnate it, because the wood had already been cut by a mobile sawmill. The decison to prepare it resulted from easy access to wood. This was the process in a nutshell: The rest of the work was done without my participation and much supervision. I monitored construction process remotely from Kraków. Construction is taking place some 250-300 kilometers from it. I have inspected the work done so far. I like the effects. The cooperation with the construction company is going very well. In addition, I plan to insert windows. I am currently waiting for an estimate for their installation. I am also planning to connect fiber optic internet next month. The rest of the work will be done next year. The biggest considerations for next year's works concern the choice of heating source. I hesitate between gas heating and a ground source heat pump. We'll see how it turns out. The house currently looks like this:

If you are interested in the costs I incurred for the work mentioned in the article, you can write me an e-mail. I will give you this information in a private message. I decided not to disclose such information publicly.

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