Fishing summary for 2023 and plans for 2024

Michał Balicki Avatar by Michał Balicki
on March 18, 2024


In today's post, I would like to say a few words about the prevoius fishing season and plans for the current one. Last year I managed to buy the first car in my life. One of the motivations for the purchase was the ability to streamline my fishing trips. I must admit that this purchase was a hit! The car photo is below: Traveling by car made it possible to travel to previously inaccessible fishing spots. One of such places was the Raba River, slightly away from Kraków. Despite critical comments about the river, including on fishing groups and in conversations with anglers, it made a postive impression on me. First of all, it is a river that has a real mountain character. The first information about this river indicated that there are mainly brown trout, which, according to anglers, come mainly from farms, which in their opinion reduces the attractiveness of fishing. In my opinion, after several visits to this river, this is not entirely true. The fish population of this river is highly diversified. I saw different species of fish. The friend who showed me this river for the first time caught a barbel that was 74cm long! It was a total shock for me! I must admit that this fishery in 2023 impressed me the most. Apart from the Raba River itself, I fished on local trout rivers in Kraków. I managed to catch much more brown trout there than in 2022. Additionally I also managed my first slightly larger zander, which has 37cm. I know it's still a small fish, but in 2022 I caught only "micro zanders" measuring 10-15cm.

Last year I also managed to visit Mazury. I had the opportunity to fish on two lakes there. These were lakes Orzysz and Rząśniki. The methods I used were float and spinning methods. I managed to catch a lot of fish with the float. They weren't big fish, but they were fun. When it comes to the spinning method, the main target here was pike. Unfortunately, it was not possible to catch it. The likely problem was the lack of a boat or pontoon. I think that instead of trying to catch it from the shore, there would be better chances in other parts of the lake. Despite the failure to catch pike, I managed to catch perch and rudd using spinning. In terms of fishing, I evaluate the trip to Mazury positively.

As for the plans for 2024, they are completely different and slightly more extensive. I intend to fish outside of Kraków. I bought a fishing license for the area around my family home, Zamość. Additionally, I bought one for the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, whose fishing grounds are relatively close to Kraków. There are several reasons for stopping reular fishing in Kraków. The first is that many places are "overloaded" by people. I don't have a problem with the people themselves, but many people in the places where I fished show up with dogs. These are often aggressive dog breeds. I must admit that these dogs often walk around without any supervison and their owners are irresponsible. There are regulations that say the dog must have a muzzle or be on a leash. Unfortunately, people do not respect this and react negatively to attempts to draw their attention. Dogs react differently to anglers, fishing rods, etc. I don't have the tools to change this situation and unfortunately it makes me feel uncomfortable at fishing spots. The second problem is the fishing enviroment in Kraków. It mainly concerns activities on the Internet. I must admit that there are a lot of negative emotions. This year I'm planning to record videos on YouTube. I know that by doing this in Kraków I will face "hate" at the start, and I think there could even be a threat of physical violence against me. Additionally, Kraków is not attractive in terms of fishing. That's why I decided that I should try somewhere else and stay away from it.

Moving on to 2024, I managed to catch the first fish on completely new rivers outside outside Kraków. On four fishing trips, I managed to catch two brown trout and one rainbow trout. I think that's a preety good result. When it comes to brown trout, I finally managed to exceed the 30cm barrier. I caught a trout 32.5cm long on one river in the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship. Here are some photos from my fishing trips so far: I think the opening of this season can be considered a success. Plans for this year are to explore new trout rivers and start recording videos on YouTube. I will inform you about the progress in subsequent blog articles.

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