Foundation work - summary and costs

Michał Balicki Avatar by Michał Balicki
on March 19, 2022

Hello, after a short break!

The break was due to the preperation of the presentation for Arduino & Raspberry Pi Day 2022. The event was organised by Inżynier Domu and was very postive in my opinion. In the next post, I will introduce the subject that I discussed during my presentation. In today's post, I wanted to touch on a completely different topic related to building a house for remote work. The first stage of works was completed about a month ago and it concerned foundation works. In Polish we define this stage as "zero state", but I haven't found confirmation that this type of nomenclature is used in English. In this post, I wanted to summarize the scope of work and costs. On my instagram, you can find some photos showing the progress of work. The link is here. The scope of work included:

The price for this scope of work, including labour and building materials, was 37506 PLN(Polish złoty). Additionally, I had to pay 800 PLN for the building's marking out by a surveyor and 600 PLN for wooden outhouse. In total I paid 38456 PLN. The next stage of works is planned for the next year. It will include bricklaying of walls, ceilings and a roof. As soon as it is finished, I will report the result and costs.

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