A few words about my old-new hobby

Michał Balicki Avatar by Michał Balicki
on November 1, 2022

Hello after a long break!

Long break was caused by the refreshment of technical knowledge. I need it for some reasons which I'll be able to say a little more about soon. Today I wanted to touch on a slightly different topic related to my hobby, which I reactivated after many years of break. It's about fishing. This year I decided to buy a permit and go fishing several times. It turned out that the frequency of fishing trips was much higher (around 40). I have gained a lot of experience and visited several fisheries in and around Kraków. The places I have visited are:

I can write a separate blog post about each of these places. The main method I used was lure fishing. Occasionally I also used float fishing and once with the feeder method. I managed to catch some fish. The largest was the catfish, around 125-130cm. It will probably remain the biggest fish of the year as I don't plan too many visits to the water until the end of the year. I will probably visit several fisheries in Przylasek Rusiecki. I don't expect big fish there.

There is one other point I would like to mention, which is why I came back to fishing. This is the hobby that can have a very positive effect on the state of mind. David Seaman, former goalkeeper for Arsenal London and England National Team, is an angler. He said fishing has a therapeutic effect. I agree with him 100%. This activity helps me relieve stress related to everyday life. For this reason, I also intend to continue this hobby in the coming years. There are also plans to make short fishing videos on YouTube. I'm still considering whether to start recording from next year.

In conclusion, I am going to write articles about fishing in and around Kraków. Blog posts about fishing will be posted from time to time. I suspect that the next post will be related to C++ programming.

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